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David Broza


David Broza, Israeli superstar, has been considered one of the most dynamic and vibrant performers in the singer/songwriter world.

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Shira Kline

Shira Kline (aka ShirLaLa) an award winning performer and Jewish music educator, tours extensively across the world delivering a dynamic, interactive experience of joy and spirit, story and song.

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Natanel Goldberg

Netanel Goldberg, vocal virtuoso, performer, creator, and composer, leads prayer groups and healing circles all over Israel improvises life through music and song.

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Naomi Less


Naomi Less and her 1/2 Israeli-1/2 American internationally renown band is a soulful singer/songwriter who uses her pop-friendly music to educate, activate, empower and open hearts of all ages.

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Jeremy Brown

Violinist Jeremy Brown is a member of Yiddish-folk-punk sensation GOLEM, whose latest critically acclaimed record was released this summer on the Mexico City based world music label, Discos Corason.

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