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Prepent 5776

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Prepent is back! Now in its sixth year, journey into the High Holy Days with Amichai Lau-Lavie, founder and spiritual leader of LAB/SHUL NYC, inviting you to join his annual 40 days journey to prep ahead, return to center,and enter the new Jewish year with more mindfulness and focus.

Each new year offers us the chance of make-over, turning a page and restarting our lives, for good. Some mystical traditions imagine Yom Kippur as the day on which we rehearse our death and the 40 days leading up to it as the period during which we focus on living our lives to the fullest. Deadlines can be useful lifelines to get us back on track and like all changes, gradual process is good strategy.

Starting on the first day of the month of Elul, Sunday, August 16, and leading up to Yom Kippur on September 23, Amichai will offer a daily dose of inspiration to get you ready for a new year and a new you, featuring daily intentions, simple tasks, and tools for better being.

PREPENT 5775/2015 – August 16 – September 23 2015.

Join the Journey.

Why’s Amichai doing this? Find out here.

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