With regards to Wheelchair access to both theaters, patrons can enter either Theater in two ways.

WEST STREET GATE (next to 190 West Street):

Wheelchair patrons can come in through the gate located at West Street between Chambers Street and Harrison Street (closer to Chambers St) and make a right from the courtyard into the Theater 1 Lower Lobby. They can be escorted directly into Theater 1 through either House Left or Right hallways and they can sit in the Wheelchair seats located in Row K in ORCH 3 (House Left) or Row K in ORCH 1 (House Right).

For Theater 2 visitors, they can go in through the West Street gate and make a left into the main building entrance from the courtyard. They can travel down the first lobby directly into Theater 2 and/or 3 entrances across from our main offices at the end of the hallway.


Wheelchair patrons can come in through the Harrison Street entrance directly through the 77 Harrison Street entrance through the North side of the Main building and can travel down the left side hallway directly into Theater 2 and/or 3 entrances across from our main offices.

For Theater 1, patrons can travel down the right side of the hallway to the exit that will bring them into the courtyard. They can cross the courtyard and go directly into Theater 1.

The entrance from Harrison Street is slightly longer because they have to travel through the 1st floor Hallway of our main building.


FYI – If a wheelchair patron happens to come up to the Main Building Lobby from Chambers Street, which is on the 2ND FLOOR of the Main Building, they can still go into Theater 1’s main entrance and will end up at the TOP of the house at the rear of the Mezzanine section. We have wheelchair seating there in Row V in Mezzanine sections 2 and 6 (House Right and Left).

With regards to Theater 2, they can still go in but they will be at the TOP of the house and not on stage level.

In both cases, the patrons can either go outside the building and down the ramp to Chambers Street, make a right towards West Street and make another right on West Street to enter at the West Side Gate OR take the elevator located in the main lobby hallway at the back of the building on the 2nd Floor and take it to the 1st Floor where they will end up in the hallway of the 77 Harrison Street entrance and proceed from there.


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