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High Holy Sale – 24 Hours Only – for first timers and those who need help

Introducing: The High Holy Sale

Due to the generosity of the community, we are able to offer, for a limited time, opportunities for folks in financial need as well as first-timers – seats for High Holy Days for free and reduced rates.

Starting 12 noon, EST, Wednesday 9/18, we are launching special 24 HOUR ONLY opportunity for people to sign up for reduced price or free High Holy Day seats using our special forms. 

Please share the sale details  with friends and family who would benefit from this collective act of welcoming.  Forward this email or connect them to our FACEBOOK PAGE.

High Holy Sale Details:24 hours only

– 100 free seats for those who need some financial assistance (seniors, students, starving artists, and those with special circumstances – this will be on a first-come first-serve basis

– 50% off the price ($40) of a seat for one worship event for a first-timer to Lab/Shul (limited to two people) 

To take advantage of this deal, here’s how to reserve a seat:
1) If you want to reserve one of the 100 free seats for financial circumstances, please fill out THIS FORM.

2) If you are a Lab/Shul FIRST TIMER and want a half-price seat for one worship event (limited to two seats), please fill out THIS FORM.

We will reply to your reservation request by the end of this week.
Missed the sale? Questions?
Contact Molly ([email protected]) in the office for further assistance with seats.

Thank you for co-creating our everybody friendly congregation, together.  

Click HERE to check out our brand new 3 minute video about High Holy Days at Lab/Shul