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How We Failed – And How We’ll Fix It

So, Lab/Shul.

I’m not the only one to be relieved that the High Holy Days are over, right?

They were moving and meaningful, with more of you joining us in NYC and online than ever before, sharing glowing feedback and spreading the buzz.

To wrap the season up we even activated our Torah as an Oracle, randomly picking five key words to guide us through the year ahead. You can read my short blog post and the five words right HERE.


My team and I are thrilled and proud of our success. And yet we own up to one significant failure:

We didn’t hit our projected bar for fundraising. 

It’s tricky. We gather for worship and for spiritual recharge, sitting in paid-for-seats, and so it’s not easy to ask you to step up with financial support, no matter how much you love us.


And yet – and I’ll be super honest here – the only way we are able to keep working and to open our doors to so many of you is thanks to generous investment in what we do. It’s that investment that allows us to keep the doors open all year long, more often and for more people.

We have bold visions and big dreams for the Jewish spirit of the future. Please dream big with us and help us all go higher. There is no such thing as a “small” gift, really and truly. It’s all about the love, right?

Last call for High Holy Giving HERE

Become a SeasonPass or Sabbath Angel HERE

High Holy Survey (not too late!) HERE

See you tonight at the first Sabbath Queen of the season? I hope so – details HERE

Sabbath Bliss, Good Year,
– Rabbi Amichai