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In The News: Naomi Less and Uprooted: A Jewish Response to Fertility Journeys

“When it comes to confronting truths about fertility challenges, so much goes unspoken.”

Naomi Less

We’re so proud of Naomi Less and her incredible work advocating for women’s fertility and on the performance based on women’s infertility stories, called TRYmester featured this week in the Jewish Week and The Forward.

“[Naomi Less] says the performance, called TRYmester, shows the “cycle of emotion that one experiences over and over in the process of infertility.” It is spaced out over three acts — with an epilogue that shows that the cycle of treatments can often repeat itself.” – Jewish Week

““The focus [of the organized Jewish community] is on getting families to participate in Jewish life — once they have kids,” [Naomi Less] said. “Then it’s all about the day schools and the preschools and the JCC camps.” Those struggling to create a family, quieted by stigma — and often saddled with major expenses for treatment — largely remain on the sidelines of engagement efforts.”The Forward