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In the News: The 12 Jews who are Leading the Green Movement

A big-giant-evergreen-compostable-musical-super-powered congratulations to Shira Kline, aka ShirLaLa, aka Lab/Shul’s Director of Worship and Director of Family Education, for being named by The Times of Israel as one of the 12 Jews who are Leading the Green Movement!

After last Saturday amazingly soulful and inspiring Shabbat AM + Earth Day celebration, it’s definitely doesn’t come as a surprise to any of us.

“Through Shira Kline’s eco-music for kids, she is creating budding environmentalists. ‘I introduce children to nature through imaginative, creative play,” she said. “Imagine what it’s really like to be a tree, a mountain, the bright shining sun, to have peace like a river and love like a rainbow. Eco-music can be a spiritual practice for young children, a way of understanding that they are part of something much larger,’ said Kline.”

Also, a huge shoutout to Mirele Goldsmith, chair of the Jewish organizing hub of the People’s Climate March THIS WEEKEND in Washington D.C, a superstar Lab/Shul community member and frequent collaborator.

Read the full article HERE and check out Shira’s “Earth Worm Disco” CD to rock out with your kids to her Mother Nature approved, totally original eco-music.