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In The News: Why This Renegade Rabbi Says He Can Marry Jews — And The Jew-ish

“Into this mix comes Amichai Lau-Lavie, an entrepreneurial, boundary-breaking rabbi with a radical proposal to welcome the non-Jew under the Conservative wedding canopy. The result of a year of deep thought, study and conversation, his proposal — which he intends to soon unveil publicly — will surely be the subject of praise, skepticism and some derision.”

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Intermarriage has always been a controversial subject, and the Forward would love to hear from our community. If you or a loved one are intermarried, were you married by a rabbi? Under a chuppah? How do you balance your beliefs and practices with those of your spouse?

If you have stories, anecdotes or memories that you would like to share and have published in the Forward, please send them to [email protected]. Conversely, if you believe that accepting non-Jewish spouses is problematic for the Jewish continuity, please tell us why — and share your stories, too.