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iPhone, Downton Abbey, Kit-Kat bars and Lab/Shul…

What do these products (iphone, Downton Abbey, Kit-Kat bars) have to do with Lab/Shul?
Each one of those products would not be the cherished items in our lives without collaboration. 
And Lab/Shul is no different. 

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to step into the main ritual leadership role at Shabbat AM worship – alone – Amichai being in Jerusalem it was an auspicious, daunting role – to curate space for this emerging community. But Amichai has demonstrated and modeled for me – work in collaboration with talented, respected and deeply inspirational partners.  So, I called out to some of my favorite teachers and artists: will you come co-create with me?  As the yes’s rolled in, my role became a weaver  (appropriate to this week’s Torah portion Vaykhel – all about the artists of the community weaving together the different materials to create one sacred portable space – the Tabernacle.)

Our woven tapestry held so much: Rabbi Rachel Cowan’s deep and quiet “wow” meditation moments;  incredible instrumentalists creating a bed of sound for us to sing, weep, praise, listen; unpacking ancient practices of taking out the Torah and putting her back with Professor Judith Hauptman; being challenged by an ancient Miriam and Bezalel (Rabbi Shira Koch Epstein and Jon Adam Ross) to clear space in our lives to make room for what is truly sacred in our lives, and witnessing our gifted educators holding space for kids to sing, wrestle with torah and reflect.
rachel cowan and naomi Judith Hauptman IMG_3822IMG_3794

It taught me a great deal – about letting go, about being present, about using my voice and hearing others.  Leadership that curates collaboration can be a catalyst to creating things we value in our lives – yes, a kit-kat bar – and just as sweet…sacred community.

IMG_3748   IMG_3766

Here’s a little video peek into this past Shabbat AM. (CLICK THE PIC)
Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 11.15.12 PM
Shabbat AM feb 22

Join us for our next collaborative program: MASK: Family Purim Party!
In Collaboration with 14th Street Y.
Ages 2-10
10:00AM  11:30AM
Limited space – so purchase your tickets ASAP HERE