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Jewish Soulstice: Lab/Shul in Palm Springs for the Longest Night of the Year!

Join Amichai way out West for the Exodus: East Side Jews’ weekend of unusual judaic content in Palm Springs. ESJ wknd

Amichai will be leading a shabbat morning Lab/Shul style session with local musicians, and is most excited to lead a several hours long conversation-interactive Zohar learning marathon on Saturday night – the actual winter solstice. Why stay up all night to delve into secrets? because that, says the Zohar, is how you find THE light.  Check out Amichai’s article on the reason for the season (or how the solstice is the original inspiration for Chanukah and Christmas: 
oy to the world: why?

Check out ESJ Exodus Wknd in Palm Springs: ESJ wknd