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Today we Honor a Visionary Leader

The road to peace is paved with patience – and passion. 

Join Lab/Shul and me on June 16th to celebrate a passionate Peacemaker who reminds us of what it takes to build bridges and inspires us to continue believing in justice and working for peace. The road to peace is long… but there are many milestones to celebrate along the way that can fuel our hopes for a better world – for all. gala 1

“He did more for the Middle East peace process in eight days than Secretary of State John Kerry has done in two years. Is he a diplomat or religious leader? No, he’s a singer-songwriter, and if no one else is going to try and heal the world, he will.”
-Vanity Fair, Feb. 2015

David Broza: Peacemaker Award
Lab/Shul 2nd Annual Gala
City Winery NYC
June 16 2015