We need your help. It will take concrete funding to build this community. We believe that the use of your gifts must be transparent. We expect our financial needs in the first year to be $300,000:

  • Lab/Shul Spiritual Leadership – rabbi, ritual leaders, musicians and educators: $150,000
  • Venues, Vino and Viability (Production Costs): $75,000
  • Outreach and Operations – the magic behind the magic: $75,000


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Lab/Shul offers three ways for joining, supporting and co-creating our community:

  1. Season Pass – Step up, pledge your love, get access to front row seats at our year-long programs and be invited to exclusive programs. Scroll down to see more information.
  2. Guest Pass Plan  – Check it out, pay-per-pray, don’t be a stranger. Queasy about commitment? Have to be with family out of town for the holidays? The Guest Pass Plan option is for you. You can purchase tickets to individual events through our website. For most events, there will be an ability to pay at the door, though we cannot guarantee you will have a seat without an advanced reservation. Click here to learn more about our programs.
  3. Sponsorships – You, or your family, or a group of friends can sponsor any of our  programs to honor an occasion or just celebrate life, love and Lab/Shul. If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring an event, just email us here.