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Just a Perfect Day: I’m Glad I Spent it With You.


“When you want something so bad. Need something so bad. Have to have something so bad, your survival depends on it. And you’re willing to do anything, anything, to get it. Lie. Cheat. Steal. Even from your ol’ man. When you want something that bad. It makes things…life…complicated. I am Jacob.”



(Aaron Davidman wrote and performed this as part of his made-for-lab/shul monolog)




When was the last time any of us stood alone, all name tags and labels removed, face to face with our deepest fears and highest truths, way out there and in there on the wild side, like Jacob, on the river bank, on his journey home?

THAT’S where we went this past Lab/Shul Shabbat at City Winery. Deep. Getting ready for the homecomings of Chanukah and Thanksgiving by re-reading Genesis 32 and wrestling with the famous wrestling.

Also: The music was fantastic, over 100 familiar and new faces came to sing, be silent, meet, talk, pray, ponder, eat, drink  – the kid wrestled and made great art. We paused to honor Lou Reed with “Perfect Day.”  And it was.

Many thanks to all who volunteered to create the experience.



Next Shabbat AM on Jan. 4 2014 at City Winery.