Welcome to Lab/Shul, an artist-driven, everybody-friendly, God-optional, pop up, experimental community for sacred Jewish gatherings based in NYC and reaching the world.


“Lab/Shul is a Jewish Neo-Factory”

Playwright and director Aaron Davidman on Lab/Shul:

UnknownI had the good fortune to experience a wonderful Jewish experiment going on in TriBeca last Saturday. 

Amichai and his congregation of misfits and remixers joined together at City Winery to ritualize, reflect and rejoice on the Sabbath. 
The parsha was Jacob’s wrestling. 
Part ritual, part performance art, part community gathering, part Torah discussion, the Lab/Shul experiment has been described as the “first post-shul, shul.” 
I was invited to join the mixologists and riff on the Wrestling text, which was a joy. 
Musical reflections of Lou Reed that morning couldn’t have been more fitting, as Amichai is creating a Jewish neo-Factory, where different artists and intellects come together to remix the traditional rituals and texts through the lens of a contemporary Jewish experience. 

If I lived in NY I’d be throwing myself at the bimah. (Now I’ve gone too far).
But I would participate. So all you New Yorkers, get on down there and see what Amichai is up to. 
And lend a shoulder to the wheel of progess. He needs all the support he can get to revolutionize Judaism.