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Lab/Shul Under The Microscope

Hello Friends, 

We are delighted to announce that Lab/Shul is one of a select group of congregations and non-profit organizations invited to participate in a new national study. The “Congregations and Non-profit Organizations 3.0” study will focus on learning about the organizational structures of both Jewish and Christian congregations and non-profits embracing social network thinking.
Key to the study is your input.  Here’s how it works:

We will be sending you 4 questionsone per week – starting August 7th.  

The questions will be sent in three ways: Facebook, Twitter and via an opt-in email.
(We’ll use the following tags to track the conversation: @LabShul #FourQuestions #LS4Q and so that our researchers can easily find your responses.)

Make sure you like our Facebook Page  and follow us on Twitter so you can participate and make your opinion heard – or seen. 

Want to opt in for the 4 emails?

Sign up for this limited email list!

As always, your transparency is encouraged.  We will be able to learn more about how to use our collective wisdom to better serve our community. You are also welcome to send private responses directly to Naomi Less, our Associate Director, and they will be treated confidentially and sent to the researchers, Rabbi Hayim Herring, Ph.D., andDr. Terri Elton

The public Facebook and Twitter conversations will allow for give and take among us all – the researchers will view the conversations. 

We will be sure to share the findings at the conclusion of the study.  I have confidence it will help us with our own vision to strengthen connections at Lab/Shul.  All names will be kept confidential and not listed in the report.