Are you a NYC-based Jewish educator, student clergy, performing artist, or B’nai Mitzvah tutor?

Become a Maven, joining Lab/Shul’s in-house team of innovative educators that are raising the bar on B Mitzvah education.


This August, Lab/Shul invites you to our annual Storahtelling Maven Method Seminar in downtown NYC. We’ll train a select group of talented recruits with experience in B Mitzva education to use Storahtelling, our signature pedagogy, radically reinventing how we reinterpret Torah for today’s conversations.   


*(Are you clergy or an educator at another synagogue or community and want access to this training for your community? See below for your opportunity to participate in this seminar.)


Trained Mavens will be invited to join our team of Lab/Shul B Mitzvah trainers working with families and teens in our Raising the Bar program.


The training seminar will be held August 20-23, led by Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie, Naomi Less,  Storahtelling senior trainers and guest teachers.


“As an experiential educator, I find great meaning in the Maven Method. It provides a practical map to engage with sacred text on a deep level, to develop empathy for voices and perspectives outside of our own, and to understand the challenging relevance of our tradition’s foundational text to our daily lives today.”

– Jake Goodman, Executive Director, The Opportunity Fund



Lab/Shul is an everybody friendly, artist-driven, experimental community for sacred Jewish gatherings based in NYC, reaching the world.  www.labshul.org



Storahtelling, (created in 1999) is a unique method of integrating Jewish education with the performing arts, transforming the way modern Jews make meaning of their inherited legacy of narratives and rituals.  Storahtelling has grown into a global network of local leaders, clergy, artists and educators dedicated to creating a more informed and engaged Jewish community.


“My time with the Lab/Shul community and training in the Maven Method was one of the most transformational forces in my work as a Jewish educator. Thanks to the Maven Method whenever I teach Torah to any audience, I have a way to make these sacred and ancient words accessible to my learners.”

– David Wolkin, Director of Strategic Partnerships, OneTable



Lab/Shul’s Storahtelling Mavens restore the ancient role of the translator who revitalizes the traditional Torah Reading Ritual  through dramatic, interpretive translation.


Got what it takes to become a Maven B-Mitzvah Trainer?

  • Educators with artistic-sensibilities, teaching artists or actors with great teens skills
  • Ability to facilitate meaningful conversations with 11-13 year olds
  • Desire to inspire people with Jewish wisdom, knowledge, and humor
  • Possess basic Judaic literacy and Hebrew skills
  • Plan to stay in New York City for at least the next 2 years
  • Ability to attend mandatory full-day training August 20-23, 2017 (non-negotiable)


To Apply:

Please submit a cover letter, resume and picture/headshot describing your experience in the following areas:

  • education/teaching/tutoring experience
  • arts/arts education (performance, curation, design, directing, etc.)
  • Judaic content knowledge (bible, hebrew, holidays, background experience or schooling)


Please send to: [email protected]


*Are you a clergy member or educator from another community or outside of NY?

You can participate in the Storahtelling Maven Seminar as well. A select number of for-fee participation places will be available in our training seminar. Please be in touch with Naomi Less if you are interested in joining us for information about rates. [email protected]