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Mezooza Makeover – The Magic Continues in Montclair

Mezooza Makeover – Continues!
Jenny Kravat Solomon

Last weekend, my husband Michael and I had the honor of hosting the first hands-on “Mezooza Makeover” ritual.

What a treat!  Amichai, Tobi Khan, and other friends and family gathered in our new home in Montclair to  ritually mark our doorpost, bless our home and create a space of love.  It was absolutely magical. 


The idea grew out of Amichai’s vision for the first  Lab/Shul gala back in May 2014, also known as the “Mezooza Makeover”.  As a way to celebrate Lab/Shul’s first year and new virtual threshold we all focused on new ways of celebrating this ancient ritual of threshold blessing.

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Artist Tobi Kahn created a special collectors’ item Mezooza for the occasion – and we were lucky enough to get one. 

Six months later  – Amichai came to our new home in Montclair, along with Tobi,  to hang this artpiece on our door. In Lab/Shul style – it became much more than a hanging of a mezooza – everybody got to be part of the blessing of our home. 

Amichai invited all of our guests to write blessings on little pieces of paper and place them in a mason jar, as part of the process of creating a sacred space in our home. We will later transfer them to a more personalized container. But for now, the jar sits in the living room, to be added to as time goes by. A guest book on steroids, if you will.

Tobi shared beautiful words about the mezooza he created, as we all  gathered to hang the gorgeous mezuza on our front door, reading aloud several of the blessings written by our guests.

Now , every time we cross our front door, we are reminded to pause, even if for just a second, and to remember who we are, what family means to us, how very blessed we are, and how we get to honor our daily intentions of creating change in the world. 

Thank you Lab/Shul. Thank you Amichai.  

Want your own Tobi Kahn designed mezooza and/or mezooza hanging ritual? 
Contact the Lab/Shul office: [email protected]