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Michael Dorf, Esther Perel – Lab/Shul Co-Creators featured in the New York Times

Nice to read about two Lab/Shul co-creators and close friends in the New York Times this past weekend. 
Michael Dorf – our chair of the board was featured along with his family in the ‘Sunday Routine’ page by John Leland. If you ever wanted to lean more about the man who devotes so much of his time to Lab/Shul – here’s a peek..Michael Dorf’ Sunday Routine
Esther Perel – who joined us on Yom Kippur to talk about the F WORD and other fornication related issues, was featured in the Styles section with an inspiring article by Susan Dominus.  Esther, along with her husband Dr. Jack Saul and their sons have been fans and friends of Storahtelling Lab/Shul for years. Esther’s new book ‘The State of Affairs’ is forthcoming, and in this article she continued to rattle our assumptions of right and wrong in bed: In helping others explore their sexuality, as Ms. Perel sees it, she is helping foster a totally different, difficult conversation, and yet also helping individuals “be more alive — to have a more complex and meaningful lived life.” Esther Perel – Sexual Healer

Bravo Esther and Michael. Stay tune for more Lab/Shul New York Times coverage coming soon..