Welcome to Lab/Shul, an artist-driven, everybody-friendly, God-optional, pop up, experimental community for sacred Jewish gatherings based in NYC and reaching the world.


New Look, Same Soul! Lab/Shul Shabbat – Redesigned.

Want to wake up late on Saturdays and still get your dose of Lab/Shul? DONE.

Check out our new schedule and design for getting your Shabbat groove on and tapping into our soul-fuel stations, all year round.

The highlights: based on community response, we’re launching Saturday SoulSpa, redefining Sabbath dusk for the whole family with meditation, music, interactive adult learning with our rabbis, and Lab/Jr. KIDS action. We’ve renamed Shabbat AM, our sunny Saturday morning worship, Rise & Shine Shabbat, and we’re testing out new ways to dine on Friday nights at our ever-popular Sabbath Queen. Don’t wait to buy your tickets for next’s week Sabbath Queen Community Feast!

Check out the new graphic design by local designer Emily Dubovoy (we hope you like it!) + dates and info.

Wishing you a Shabbat full of sunsets, sunrises and lots of stars.

– The Lab/Shul Team

Monthly ritual circle of live music, mindfulness and poetic intentions welcoming your Sabbath Queen + open bar and tapas.

Nov 3 – Lab/Shul’s (1st!) Urban Retreat: Sabbath Queen
Dec 15 – Sabbath Queen + SPIN
Jan 12 – Sabbath Queen
Feb 2 – Sabbath Queen: Fruit Feast
Mar 16 – Lab/Shul Urban Retreat: Sabbath Queen
Apr 13 – Sabbath Queen
May 4 – Sabbath Queen: On Fire
June 15 – Sabbath Queen: Queens on the Greens

All ages musical morning worship featuring Storahtelling ritual theater, Lab/Jr. kids art + coffee and breakfast bites. 

Oct 14 – Rise & Shine Shabbat + Unscrolled
Feb 24 – Rise & Shine Shabbat
May 12 – Rise & Shine Shabbat: First Fruits

All ages afternoon gathering of meditative music and poetic prayer, ritual art, interactive adult learning with our rabbis, Lab/Jr. kids action + drinks, treats, and Havdala.

Nov 4 – Lab/Shul’s (1st!) Urban Retreat: Saturday SoulSpa
Dec 2 – Saturday SoulSpa
Jan 20 – Saturday SoulSpa
Mar 17 – Lab/Shul Urban Retreat: Saturday SoulSpa
Apr 28 – Saturday SoulSpa