Welcome to Lab/Shul, an artist-driven, everybody-friendly, God-optional, pop up, experimental community for sacred Jewish gatherings based in NYC and reaching the world.


On Being + In the News

We’re less than a week away from our big celebration and conversation (not too late to reserve your seat or support this vision), and Lab/Shul is already in the buzz…

We kicked off this week with a feature in The Forward on how how we’re helping make the Conservative movement more gay friendly.

Then, just released: My take on how humor heals and why Jews survive in Krista Tippet’s latest episode of On Being + an interview with me about God in the toilet and other reasons life is wonderfully weird on her studio’s new show Creating Our Own Lives (COOL) – listen online or download the podcast.

More good news??

We were just named by Slingshot as one of the 50 most innovative Jewish orgs in North America (for the 3rd year in a row!)

Join us to celebrate the buzz around this community you’ve helped co-create TONIGHT at our last Sabbath Queen for the season, and of course on June 13th at our big celebration. And stay tuned for more HOT NEWS (hint: it’s on a front page…)

See you tonight!

– Rabbi Amichai