In The News: Maverick Rabbi Breaks Ranks Over Intermarriage

“A popular and dynamic Israeli-born rabbi, educator, writer and performance artist, Rabbi Lau-Lavie, 48, was scheduled to announce his decision to his hip, downtown Lab/Shul NYC community this week (as we go to press) and seek its support. He planned to explain how and why he came to believe that in an age of fluid and multiple identities, two people’s love for each other, be they straight or gay, and their shared interest in being part of “a Jewish spiritual community” outweighs the classification of the religion into which they were born.”

Front Page News Today + Facebook Live Tomorrow

TOMORROW NIGHT I will finally reveal my proposal for a new nuance in North American Jewish identity. It’s already creating waves: “Why This Renegade Rabbi Says He Can Marry Jews — And The Jew-ish” is on the front cover of The Forward this week, written by editor-in-chief Jane Eisner. This is a hot topic with many reactions. Please scroll down for an invitation from the Forward to add your voice to this conversation.

In The News: Why This Renegade Rabbi Says He Can Marry Jews — And The Jew-ish

“Into this mix comes Amichai Lau-Lavie, an entrepreneurial, boundary-breaking rabbi with a radical proposal to welcome the non-Jew under the Conservative wedding canopy. The result of a year of deep thought, study and conversation, his proposal — which he intends to soon unveil publicly — will surely be the subject of praise, skepticism and some derision.”

On Being + In the News

We’re less than a week away from our big celebration and conversation (not too late to reserve your seat or support this vision), and Lab/Shul is already in the buzz… We kicked off this week with a feature in The Forward on how how we’re helping make the Conservative movement more gay friendly. Then, just released:…

Upcoming Action: June 15th

  Lab/Shul Upcoming Action   Faith Over Fear Mayoral Candidates Forum with Faith in New York As a Faith Over Fear Coalition of 24 faith-based organizations and leaders from over 100 congregations from across New York City, we are putting our faith in action through deepening our community’s commitment to civic engagement. We are hosting…



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