How 2 Flame: All The Info

Lab/Shul’s Hanukkah fundraising campaign, #POWEROFEIGHT, is your chance to celebrate, illuminate and help us keep our lights shining bright for another year ahead. Now entering our 5th year, Lab/Shul’s everybody friendly, artist-driven, God-optional, experimental mission has created sacred community for thousands of people in NYC and around the world. Dedicated to exploring, creating and celebrating…

Calling All FLAMERS!

Hey Lab/Shul, Yes, of course we’d love for you to donate to Lab/Shul in honor of #GivingTuesday. But if you want to multiply your gift and spread your light even further, sign up to become a FLAMER! In exactly two weeks we’re launching “Power of Eight”: our year-end Hanukkah campaign featuring 8 gifts over 8…

The Chair of our Board of Directors is a FLAMER. Are you??

This Hanukkah we’re launching “Power of Eight,” our end of year campaign to raise the money we need to fund the programs you love – and the vision for a better world we all believe in. As Flamers we’ll ignite our personal networks with crowdfunding campaigns to help Lab/Shul continue bringing light into the world (and earn some awesome #imaflamer swag while we’re at it!).

Trans Day of Remembrance 2017: Community Guest Post

I spend lots of time thinking about names. We’re taught that names are more than just something you call someone– they connect us to our ancestors, they’re windows to our souls. For lots of people, that means that whoever names you when you’re young takes on the enormous responsibility of connecting you and shaping how…

Listen: Amichai on Hit Podcast “From the Hive”

In the car, on the train, or washing dishes, check out Rabbi Amichai’s musings on mindful focus and contemplative community + a guided meditation from our friends at The Hive: A Center for Contemplation, Art & Action. Listen ONLINE or on ITUNES!

Talk Today, Scream Tomorrow

Hey Lab/Shul, Been thinking lately about this profound wisdom from poet Marie Howe: “Every poem holds the unspeakable inside it. The thing that you can’t really say because it’s too complicated.” TONIGHT: The unspeakable poetry of prayer. Join me on a backstage tour of Lab/Shul’s original, God-optional, non-gendered, post-binary liturgical translations and the poetry that…



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