Prep Yourself with PREPENT: 40 Circles of Return

High Holy Days Blog 2017 / 5778 August 23rd – September 30th Start your new Jewish year with life refocused and recharged, powered by PREPENT, Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie’s forty daily doses of inspirational spins for self-reflection and renewal. This year Rabbi Amichai is partnering with his friend and longtime artistic collaborator Jacqueline Nicholls to co-create forty…

Tomorrow Belongs to We: Rabbi Amichai’s Response to Charlottesville

Can we rewrite that song, recast the singers, and sing it out loud? A new version: Tomorrow Belongs to WE. Can this be a reclaimed anthem (even with some grammatical challenges) that celebrates radical diversity instead of white supremacy, wild spectrum instead of of rigid binary, mutual respect and coexistence instead of domination and separation? Can we own a fluid future of joy in the face of yesterday’s fear-based existence? Can we own together our future, not as enemies based on shallow labels but as partners in the future for everyone’s peace?

SlowDownTown: New Look, Same Soul

I know I know, I’m not ready to stop eating Mister Softee and drinking cold brew either. Deep breath, slow down, don’t worry…we’ve still got time to celebrate the summer at least one last time!

Upcoming Action: Pledge to Vote in Local Elections

  Lab/Shul Upcoming Action   New Yorkers Pledge to Vote in Local Elections Did you know only 8% of all New York City residents voted in the 2013 citywide primary election? As people who care, as Lab/Shul co-creators, and as voters, we join with our coalition partner Faith in New York to encourage our community…

Becoming Full Circle: Welcome to Lab/Shul’s High Holy Days 2017/5778

Dear Lab/Shul Friends, How do we heal a broken world? Hand in hand, one circle at a time.  Two nights ago, as the sun was setting on the saddest day of our calendar, over forty of us sat in a circle on a lawn overlooking the Hudson river, reflecting on the wailing walls of Israel and…

In The News: We Stand With Amichai Lau-Lavie, Rabbi Who Resigned Over Intermarriage Stance

“Earlier this week, our colleague Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie resigned from the Conservative movement’s Rabbinical Assembly over his decision to perform intermarriages, as part of a larger initiative to embrace the non-Jews within his community. He is in good company.” – Rabbis of the Jewish Emergent Network Click here to read more. Honored and grateful to…



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