Babies! In the Beginning, Again.

“This past Saturday morning our community met in the beautiful JCC Harlem to celebrate Shabbat, unscroll our Torah scroll from beginning to end, and welcome a new baby. We ended up welcoming two new babies!”

Sacred Huts and Hearts: October @ Lab/Shul

Dear Lab/Shul, Tonight we enter Succot, finding shelter under temporary green roofs to conclude this season of holy days. Some of the leftover flowers from our High Holy Days in Tribeca will decorate my succah, along with the melodies we’ll sing and beautiful artwork created by the kids. With all the joy and gratitude, 5778 has begun with a heart…

Post-Transactional: A New Vision for Lab/Shul

5778 Yom Kippur Remarks Sarah Sokolic, Lab/Shul Executive Director   Is it just me or could anyone else use a cup of coffee right now? Sorry, Yom Kippur, I know. Speaking of coffee, I just learned about the Starbucks mobile app where you can order and pay for your coffee ahead of time and it’s…

40 Days, Full Circle: Amichai’s Last Prepent

40 days ago we cast a circle. Like Honi the circle-maker we each stood inside our circle of intentions, declaring that we wouldn’t emerge until the rains connected us to our core and our thirst was quenched. Were you able to connect, if only briefly, to the blessings that rain symbolizes for you? Have you…

YK 5778: Everything You Need To Know

In 24 hours we will put away our forks and phones and open our hearts to the delicate art of our annual atonement – returning to center, reflecting on our past and taking on the repair of the world we all wish for. So that we can all safely soar high and delve deep, please take a moment to review the Yom Kippur 411….



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