Fast Today, Feast Tomorrow: Reclaim the Two Sides of Purim in 2018

Today I am fasting. I’ll break my fast with a vodka-tonic when the scroll unrolls tonight. I didn’t used to take this minor Fast of Esther seriously in the past but this year, I feel it’s a must-have. I’m fasting to remember and honor courage and risk taking in the face of indifference and oppression,…

PPPPPPurim + Fab Feb @ Lab/Shul

Hey Lab/Shul! We’re putting the holiday of Purim on the map as our annual full moon mythic inspiration for artist-driven imagination of a world post-patriarchy. Now, more than ever, let’s resist, persist, play, perform, wink, flip, twist, dream, laugh, mask, unmask, revel, reveal, give, love, dance and dance and dance: ADULTS 2/28 – PPPPPPurim 2018:…

Tell ICE “You Can’t Deport a Movement.”

We are deeply saddened that our friend Ravi Ragbir, fearless and beloved leader of New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City, has been scheduled to be deported on Saturday, February 10th. An emergency rally to show solidarity with Ravi and all immigrants has been scheduled SATURDAY @ 9am in Foley Square.

Fruit Feast + Fantastic Founders Press

It’s the New Year of Trees, and the Lab/Shul Team is on a vision retreat in Brooklyn celebrating our fruitful harvest and planting next year’s orchard. We’ll be unplugged for the next 3 days, but hope to see you… THIS FRIDAY in the East Village to bring on mystical full moon mystery at our annual Sabbath…



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