Lab/Shul’s Hanukkah fundraising campaign, #POWEROFEIGHT, is your chance to celebrate, illuminate and help us keep our lights shining bright for another year ahead. Our goal: raise $30,000 in 8 days from December 11th – December 19th.

We’re giving too! Check your inboxes for 8 digital, artist-driven, God-optional gifts over Hanukkah (perfect for re-gifting to friends, Facebook “friends,” grandparents, nieces and nephews, Hanukkah pros and newbies). Check them out on our blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

In just 5 years, Lab/Shul has:

– Welcomed 20,000 guests to Shabbat and holidays

– Transformed 50 venues into sacred space

– Reached 10,000 people in 15 countries online

– Raised the Bar for 75 BMitzvah teens and families

– Hosted and supported 100 actions for social justice

Lab/Shul’s mission is to nourish the thirst for meaning, connection, spirituality and community through our everybody friendly, artist-driven, God-optional approach.

You in?

Want to multiply your gift and spread your light even further? Sign up to become a FLAMER and create your own crowdfund for ANY amount. It’s fun and way easier than making latkes.




GIFT #1: Amichai Saves Hanukkah + God-optional Light&Bless Kit
GIFT #2: This Little Light of Yours
GIFT #3: Pickle Martinis & Root Latkes from Gefilteria
GIFT #4: Our Winter SOULstice Playlist