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PPPPPPurim + Fab Feb @ Lab/Shul

Hey Lab/Shul!

We’re putting the holiday of Purim on the map as our annual full moon mythic inspiration for artist-driven imagination of a world post-patriarchy. Now, more than ever, let’s resist, persist, play, perform, wink, flip, twist, dream, laugh, mask, unmask, revel, reveal, give, love, dance and dance and dance:

ADULTS 2/28 – PPPPPPurim 2018: Prophetic Post-Patriarchy Purim Performance Party, a renegade ritual performance festival at NYC’s wildest temple of expression, House of Yes, featuring an all-star roster of artists and creative rebels taking on the Book of Esther. Off book. One night only. We will sell out – don’t wait to buy your tickets!

ALL AGES 2/24 – Rise & Shine Shabbat, all ages musical morning worship featuring pre-Purim Lab/Jr. prep and a special Storahtelling performance led by Sydney Diaz in honor of her B-Mitzvah!

TEENS 3/3 – Unmasquerade Ball for LGBTQ Teens & Allies, a post-Purim party hosted by our friends at B’nai Jeshurun for grades 8-12 to take off their masks, forget the pressures of everyday life, and come together to celebrate, eat, schmooze, and dance the night away!

ANYWHERE, ANYONE 2/26 – Amichai Spoils Everything: UNMASK: Purim Prep, FREE online lunchtime learning with Rabbi Amichai exploring Purim’s obscure origins, surprising secrets, and DIY applications.

Lots more Fab Feb events – scroll down or check the calendar for details.

Sabbath Bliss!

– Ezra Bookman,
Artistic Director


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