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Prep Yourself with PREPENT: 40 Circles of Return

High Holy Days Blog 2017 / 5778

August 23rd – September 30th

Start your new Jewish year with life refocused and recharged, powered by PREPENT, Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie’s forty daily doses of inspirational spins for self-reflection and renewal.

This year Rabbi Amichai is partnering with his friend and longtime artistic collaborator Jacqueline Nicholls to co-create forty original hand-painted images and short reflections on the ripples of our being, seeking more balance and repair.

Inspired by Lab/Shul’s theme for this year’s High Holy Days, Becoming Full Circle, these daily postings invite private introspection and public conversation during this season of return.

Starting on the first day of the month of Elul, Wednesday, August 23rd, and leading up to Yom Kippur on September 30th, Jacqueline and Rabbi Amichai will post a new piece of art and text each morning. Lab/Shul is excited to bring you Prepent for the very first time on our brand new Instagram account, as well as to be partnering again with the Forward, who will be publishing each each daily Prepent blog in Scribe, the Forward’s contributor network..

Read Rabbi Amichai’s framing note and Jacqueline’s artistic intention, Ripples, Circles and Why PREPENT?


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