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Prepent: Day 10 of 40 — Harvest Income. How was 5774 for yr $?

Prepent Day 10 of 40. 9/4 Elul 11

In God We Trust. What’s my bank statement got to do with the process of soul return? 


I file my taxes in April. So why am I harvesting my income from this year in the middle of this count as september happens? to be real and raw about what I seldom spend the time to asses in the big picture of a year’s review: What was gained, what was lost, am I making good decisions, and where may I need to get some perspective or help when it comes to money. Not often talked about.

Money is energy and reflects so much of what I value and what matters to me. In God We Trust. Not greed – but a grid of possible ways to live well and help others.

I’m not going to go through an audit now but just go back to where I was last year at this time – compare salary, cash in bank, ups, downs, what emotions all of that brings up. I harvest the gifts of this year with gratitude. And now I think it’s time for a financial advisor. Next year. suggestions?