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Prophetic Grief, Revolutionary Love

Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner. And on, and on. We certainly don’t need any more reasons to grieve. Our grief is heavy and immense. Rather what we need is to move from pathetic grief to “prophetic grief,” a grief that leads us to action and change, a grief that pulls us out into the streets, that writes letters to senators, that lifts us up to stand as allies with those who are suffering. We need to move from expressions of love to “revolutionary love,” a love that requires courage and real sacrifice, that opens eyes and changes minds, a love so brazen that is can crack open America’s hard heart (and unlike the Pharaoh in our Exodus story that we read this week, stay open).

Rev. Jacqui Lewis’ searing words of inspiration, Yavila McCoy’s joyful and passionate gospel prayers, Rev. Kimberleigh Jordan’s personal stories, memories and charges… Lab/Shul’s 2nd Annual Interfaith Shabbat AM honoring the legacy of MLK Jr. was a moving morning of deep resonance and impact. Their charges were immense, but have never been more necessary. Let us all take it on in the name of progress, heed the need as a community to take on racism, violence, apathy and injustice each and every day of our lives.


The deepest gratitude for all our special guests – The Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Senior Minister, Middle Collegiate Church / Yavilah McCoy, founder of Ayecha, a nonprofit organization providing educational resources for Jewish Diversity and advocacy for Jews of Color in the United States / Rev. P. Kimberleigh Jordan, United Church of Christ Minister, Dancer, and Educator / Jon Adam Ross, Actor and Playwright – who came to lead us onward to love, justice and truth with grace, humor, passion, wisdom and such great depth. We are also beyond grateful to all the residents of The New Jewish Home and Rabbi Jonathan Malamy for welcoming us so warmly into their home and community.

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