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Raising the Bar – Justice Club 12/14/14 Recap

IMG_1395We had another wonderful gathering of the Justice Club.

In commemoration of the upcoming 20th anniversary of Yithak Rabin’s assassination, the organization, Dror Israel established an exhibit to address and the themes of hatred and violence, freedom and responsibility.  

There are 18 exhibits spread across the country and the goal is to educate and effect meaningful change around standing up and speaking out against acts of hatred and injustice.  The exhibit is up for another month and located at 151 W 26th st.

We had the privilege of meeting and spending our time with Zohar Avigdori who walked us through the exhibit and guided us in a discussion around our reactions and our responsibilities moving forward.

We closed our time together sharing what we each of us can do along with a delicious lunch.
May Chanukah bring light into your lives and may you shine your light into the lives of others.