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RTB – Blind Justice: Hands On Giving

Raising the Bar’s Cohort 3 had our second of three Justice Club hangouts about philanthropy and giving. This one was designed and supported by our friends at the Jewish Teen Funders Network – thanks for all your help!

We did some blindfolded group challenges, kept the conversation going about why lady justice is blindfolded (did you know this image dates all the way back to Roman times?), and learned about Maimonedes’ “Ladder of Tzedakah.”


The tweens were challenged by the question of whether justice can ever truly be blind and decided that it doesn’t seem to exist in our world, but it is something to strive for. After some blindfolded group challenges, they also noted that justice is really all about perspective – what might seem fair to you might not to me. Important insight that we can all learn from!

We ended the session by examining Maimonedes’ Ladder of Tzedakah and put his rules into an order that made more sense to us. Inspired by this activity, each student talked about where and how they plan to give when they each  become B’Mitzvah in the coming months. How about you Lab/Shul community, how do you decide where you give? Are there any rules you live by? Food for thought.

– Rachel Figurasmith, RTB Coordinator