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RTB Kicking off 5776 with Food Justice

Yesterday we kicked off our Justice Club program for the ​fourth and ​newest​​ cohort of Raising The Bar! In preparation for their B-Mitzvah, every month the kids will be wrestling with a different social justice issue in partnership with a host of amazing service organizations and our radical Lab/Shul staff. This month, for our first session, we learned about Food Justice issues and got our hands dirty with ​leadership from Eden and ​Reverend Joe Perdue at the Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project, a rooftop organic garden and ​f​ood ​bank on top of Metro Baptist Church.

​ Metro Baptist Church in an exciting place of worship, similar to our own in many ways – open to all, committed to justice, and ever-growing. ​

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We took a guided tour of the facility including the sanctuary, the clothing bank, the teen room, and the food “dungeon” in the basement stocked full of donated and fresh farmed free food for those in need. We also put in some work on the rooftop garden — weeding, planting, harvesting and composting! This trip also had the added bonus of initiating an exciting interfaith partnership between two organizations actively working to make this world a more equitable, just and loving place to be. In the words of Rev. Joe Perdue: “As food justice coordinator at ​M​etro​ Baptist Church​/​Rauschenbush Metro Ministries​, I’m excited about doing interfaith work as we work together from a shared tradition to challenge unjust systems and find practical solutions to serious problems.”

​-Eden Pearlstein, RTB Educator​