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We are currently welcoming our next group of B Mitzvah families for the 2018-2019 school year.
Please read on below for a brief overview on what makes our Raising the Bar program uniquely dynamic –
we hope you’ll join us on this transformative journey of growth and discovery together!


Raising the Bar is Lab/Shul’s innovative, personalized B Mitzvah program, re-imagining the process and product of this rite of passage in the 21st Century, led by Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie along with a community of carefully selected and trained educators and artists.

Why “B Mitzvah”?
Lab/Shul prefers this gender neutral, inclusive and everybody-friendly reflection of today’s diverse and evolving population.


Raising the Bar Program Components
(12-18 Months and Beyond)

Personal Training: Individual and Group Learning opportunities for pre-teens, mobilizing each participant’s sense of inquiry, creativity, and learning style.

Family Learning: Parents’ Study Salons and Family Programs promoting an all-ages, in-depth exploration of this journey and deepened communal connections.

Justice Club: Social Action programming through our teen “Justice Club” with partner organizations around NYC promoting communal and civic consciousness.

Re-imagined Ritual: Private or Lab/Shul Community B Mitzvah ceremony tailored to your family’s approach, customs, and sensibilities.

Paying It Forward: Carefully Curated post-B Mitzvah actions, activities and social gatherings for Raising The Bar graduates.


“Raising the Bar provided a wonderful framework upon which Ari could build a B Mitzvah service that both embraced tradition and reflected who she is and what is important to her. Not only was the day so much more meaningful than I ever anticipated, but the process leading up to it was incredibly enriching for our entire family.”Raising the Bar Parent


What’s Unique About Raising the Bar?

Child-Centered Teaching that ignites curiosity, develops skills and provides the building blocks for life-long connection to Jewish heritage and universal values – infused with joy, positivity, and personal meaning.

Artist-Driven Curriculum utilizing Lab/Shul’s signature pedagogy, the Storahtelling Maven Method™, integrating Judaism’s oldest storytelling traditions with contemporary stagecraft and educational theory.

God-Optional Ideology that opens a conversation, invites questions and respects each child’s journey.

Everybody-Friendly Approach inviting all family members to the process and celebration – inclusive of all faiths, beliefs, ethnicities, and sexual and gender identities.

Full Family Engagement celebrating the coming of age and transformation of the child as well as the entire family.

Digital Education Techniques that employ next-gen technology, fortify student skills, and promote innovation and deepened connections.

“No Strings Attached” Policy that encourages each family to make the most of this journey by joining the Lab/Shul community for regular worship events and communal rituals. However, membership is not required.


“The B Mitzvah was so unexpected and wonderful. I was expecting the usual and this was anything but. How nice it was to actually understand Torah and to not be bored to tears during the service! What an accomplishment it was that you connected us so naturally with ur history. It felt so real, and tender, and creative, and deep, and moving.”B Mitzvah Guest


Let’s Talk!

We know that the B Mitzvah process can be wrought with stress about…everything. We’re here to make this journey meaningful and as stress-less as possible! Talk to us about how we can support your family’s needs – spiritually, emotionally, or financially.

Contact: Alexis Fishman, Raising the Bar Coordinator, at [email protected].