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RTB Prep-Program: Description
(est. 12-16 months)



Private In-Home Personal Training
We offer 45 one-on-one sessions between your personal trainer and tween. Your immediate family will occasionally be involved in these sessions as well.

Family Learning Circles and Sessions
The Raising the Bar cohort community will gather several times during the year to celebrate Shabbat and holidays together either at a community member’s home or at a Lab/Shul event. (Additionally the worship team and your trainer will meet with each individual family to discuss logistics, join rehearsals and check-in the preparation process.)

The Justice Club – Monthly Tween Sessions
Your tweens will meet monthly for hands-on learning and action sessions that serve the wider community and explore ways to help others and improve the world. Your tween will begin to design (with their trainer) an individual personal/community project to take on during the year or immediately following the B Mitzva Ritual Event.

Parent Study Salon
These four sessions for parent/s-only are led by Lab/Shul’s spiritual leader, giving parents the opportunity to reflect on the family’s coming-of-age experience from a parent perspective.


Facilitation of Event (Ritual Facilitation Fees Not Included)
Amichai Lau-Lavie, a Lab/Shul Ritual Leader, and/or RTB trainer, will facilitate your family’s ritual service and provide a Torah and ritual items. We can also provide musicians, sounds system, and more, for an additional charge. (SEE FACILITATION FEES)


Post Ritual In-Home Sessions
Tweens and family meet with the trainer for an additiona 4-5 sessions to reflect on the B Mitzva experience and to focus on an individual personal/community mitzvah project. (included in 45 sessions)

Justice Club
The Justice Club continues past the B Mitzva ritual to deepen commitment to community service and social change.

Next Steps Sessions with Spiritual Leader
Amichai Lau-Lavie will meet with post-B Mitzva teens to explore significant topics relevant to teenage life – including digital media, sex, and other coming of age topics framed in the context of what it means to make decisions post-becoming a Jewish adult.


B Mitzva Event Ritual Facilitation: Description

The Lab/Shul team is committed to working with you to ensure that your tween’s B Mitzva ritual runs smoothly, inclusively and meaningfully, supporting you along the way.

Our rituals are led by one of the Lab/Shul worship team, which includes: Amichai Lau-Lavie, Naomi Less and Shira Kline.

(Please note: Lab/Shul cannot guarantee Amichai’s availability given his many weekend speaking obligations. If this is a priority, please be in touch with the Lab/Shul office.)

Our facilitation package includes the following:

Lab/Shul Ritual Worship Leader (Amichai, Naomi or Shira)

Your RTB personal trainer’s presence at the B Mitzva Event

Musical ritual facilitator

Ritual items: Torah rental, large tallit for calling up aliyot honors and Torah blessing  cards, a DIY Yad (Torah pointer) for the B Mitzva tween

Consultation and printing of a personalized basic ritual program

o Lab/Shul contracts with graphic designer who creates your beautiful program book. This serves as the “siddur” or prayer book. She has created a Lab/Shul-specific template which will include your details and an image you can utilize on the front cover. Included in the cost is this limited design. Families are responsible for printing costs. (If your family desires a more customized design, different paper, layout, etc., she is happy to work with you on an hourly basis for the extra design.)

A rehearsal with the family in preparation for the event

Optional Ritual Facilitation Services

A Lab/Shul musicians can bring extra beauty when accompanying the ritual and prayer with instrumentation and song. Our fee includes one musician (guitarist/singer). Additional instruments available: winds, strings, keyboard/piano, percussion

Cost: $500/musician

Additional Costs

Sound is not included in our services. Most venues provide or have access to sound companies. Let us know if you need a recommendation.

A basic sound system is required for our facilitation which includes mic’ing the ritual facilitator, musician, guitar, B Mitzva tween and the Torah readers – typically a PA system with the capability to input 3-4 mics and an instrument cable.

Rates and Payment Plans

We understand that paying for the Raising the Bar Program can be a significant investment for many. Therefore we offer payment plans that fit your needs. We do require that the Prep-program fees are paid in full before the Ritual Event. We also ask that a deposit for the Ritual Event be paid prior to the event date.

For the Prep-Program, the fee is $6500

This includes:
One-on-One Personal Training
Justice Club
Family Learning Circles & Gatherings
Parent Salon

For the Ritual Event Facilitation, the fee is $4500

Total Cost: $11,000
*Not included: additional musicians, $500 per musician.

Cost Analysis

Raising the Bar’s estimated price range is based on cost analysis research of comparable programs in over 20 congregations in NYC and LA. On average, the costs for a family to join a synagogue for the purpose of celebrating a B’nai Mitzvah event involve a two or three year membership commitment (fourth-seventh grade), Hebrew School tuition and B’nai Mitzvah fees at a total of $14,500.