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Salaam, Shalom, and Curious Hope

Photo Credit: Amanda Quraishi.

On Sunday, I sat, cried, and sang with 500 Muslim and Jewish women at the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom gathering in Madison, NJ. We came together to connect, to learn, and to communicate that we are with each other. No matter what comes, we will guard one another as sisters.

In the picture above, we are praying side-by-side, Muslims and Jews, women led by women. A renewed expression of an earlier personal project called Two Faiths One Prayer, our prayer led to curiosity and questions. What are the words you’re saying? What’s it like to pray on the floor?

Curiosity is such a blessing! Especially now, when fear drives so much of our thinking, and anger spurs us to righteous action, as we gird ourselves and guard one another, and manage our fear, let us also be curious about one another – because in curiosity we maintain our hope.

Read more about this historic gathering in the New York Times HERE.

– Rabbi Kerry