Welcome to Lab/Shul, an artist-driven, everybody-friendly, God-optional, pop up, experimental community for sacred Jewish gatherings based in NYC and reaching the world.


Save The Date! Lab/Shul Gala 2018

Dress up and join Lab/Shul on June 5th, 2018, at City Winery for our annual Gala, celebrating our fifth birthday by honoring the friends and founders who got Lab/Shul started – at our original location.

Michael Dorf, Chair of Lab/Shul’s Board of Directors, has been there from the beginning to envision and co-create this community from the ground up. Along with his wife Sarah and their three kids who all went on their B Mitzvah journeys with Lab/Shul, Michael’s generous love keeps us going and growing. Did we mention the delicious wine that keeps showing up on our table? We are thrilled and honored to honor Michael at this year’s gala.

Barbara and Rabbi David Kline are not only Lab/Shul’s official shofar blowers and challa bakers, but also honored teachers and beloved family and friends. They are always there at the core of our communal life, supporting so many of us at beautiful and difficult moments of our lives with their wisdom and kindness. We are so excited to honor them with our Ritualist Award.

More details coming soon. We look forward to celebrating with you on June 5!

– Rabbi Amichai