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Every once in a while we get the chance to pause and recognize  great kindness and generosity of spirit – to honor and thank the people who help us  grow and actualize our dreams. Sometimes it’s our parents (Father’s day is coming up) and sometimes good friends. 

Next week, the Lab/Shul community gathers to celebrate our first year together and honor two good friends who represent our Founding Co-Creators. 
Scroll down to find out why Audrey & Jeff are our honored friends at our first gala, and  

click here to scribe a short message in our Scroll of Honor which will be scrolling on screens at City Winery and on our website during the gala.
It’s not too late to join us for dinner or the After Party ALL STAR CONCERT – or to give a gift to Lab/Shul in celebration of our first year’s success  – and in honor of our Founding Co-Creators – Audrey Weiner and Jeffrey Solomon. 

Three generations stood together at Lab/Shul’s open ark (designed by Tobi Kahn) this past Kol Nidrei night. Audrey and Jeffrey, along with their children and grandchildren Jenny, Michael, Rainen and Lucy, held the Torah Scroll with all the tender care and pride with which they have held our hands from the moment Lab/Shul was born – and way before that.

Lab/Shul Kol Nidrei 2013

When we wanted to thank and honor the visionary friends who helped co-create Lab/Shul and transform a theater company into an emerging congregation – we could think of no better to represent our community than Audrey and Jeff. They have been here all along, always the first to lend a hand, step up, show up, and always with a smile.

On behalf of all of Lab/Shul friends and fans – it is a great honor to honor our friends – two of the American  Jewish Community and New York City’s leaders – as Lab/Shul’s Founding Co-Creators.


In recognition of Audrey and Jeff’s leadership, their children Michael Solomon & Jenny Kravat Solomon join Robin Bernstein and John Ruskay as our co-chairs of the gala.  


We look forward to thanking all them  – along with many of you on June 17 – and for many more years to come. 


Scroll of Honor: 

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