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Secret of the Dreidel: Be (more) Here Now. Amichai’s Hanukkah Tip

What does Shmita have to do with Hanukkah?  And about better ways to be here and now?

Both the Sabbatical Year and this annual holiday have a big focus on what happens in Israel, and only in Israel. But both these Jewish time-related events can also be seen today as expansion of what ‘holy land’ can be really about.

Learn more from Amichai in this 3 min. video from Lab/Shul’s first Hanukkah program of the year, and read more of  Amichai’s ideas about this (plus 7 other great teachings for this holiday) here  http://www.8for8.net/


Happy & Meaningful Hanukkah – Here and Now! (wherever you are..)