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Shmita-thon 2014 Recap

1557679_337973416387494_2060667833061384700_nDecember’s Fallow Lab theme is “place.” As a community we are creating a sacred and spiritual place, and at last evening’s Shmita-thon, that place was in full swing. A number of our community members came together on Maiden Lane to call in the stores for the upcoming year. Thanks to so many volunteers, good nosh and drink, the office was full of warmth, and the camaraderie palpable. Even better – so many of you in the LabShul community renewed your financial commitments or joined through season passes, being co-creators and making end of the year gifts. Thank you so much! This community’s support allows LabShul ritual leaders to continue developing offering innovative programs, keep the lights on and help our community reach out to more people who are seeking meaningful connection to a spiritual community.

In addition to our awesome callers, a huge gesture of gratitude goes to my co-chair and fellow board member Karen Pratt, whose tremendous efforts and creative ideas helped organize this year’s Shmita-thon. Karen gave everyone confidence and support, while also reaching out to fellow community members to help bring in the stores for the year. Also great thanks to Naomi and Molly, the tireless supporters powering so much of our efforts.

10805662_337973386387497_7889095437827130519_nIf you, too, would like to rededicate your commitment to helping Lab/Shul grow please consider making a year-end donation HERE.

written by Lab/Shul Board Member & Shmita-thon 2014 Co-Chair, Jen Pehr