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Solar Semitic Light Switch

Dear Lab/Shul,

‘Tis the season for more light. That’s where the ninth candle of Hanukkah comes in – the Shamash that lights up others. Did you know that “Shamash” is also the traditional title for the synagogue caretaker and was the original name of an ancient Semitic solar god?

It’s dark outside and so many need more light right now, more meaning, inspiration and togetherness. Read my reflections on how to do so HERE, inspired by the yartzeit of my father.

Lab/Shul is proud and honored to be your Shamash all year round, right in the middle of your solar plexus, with open hearts, co-creating local community and global connections.

Thank you for walking hand in hand with us for love and justice. Thank you for supporting Lab/Shul, joining us with generosity to turn on the light. 

We are launching our year-end-gratitude-and-gifts-drive today, inviting you to not forget the Shamash and to #PassLightOn.

Just $8, the price of a sandwhich, from everyone who joined us even once in 2016 will launch us into 2017. Or $64 if you want to be the Shamash that spreads light all year round! No matter how many nights you want to light, know that it matters, and then #PassLightOn


OR TEXT 56512: “labshul  amount  firstname  lastname”

Thank you so much for being a part of this “we.” I am beyond excited to mark this sacred winter season together with songs and silence, celebration and solidarity, reconnecting to the light we all bring to each other in so many weird and lovely ways.

Shabbat Shalom, and #PassLightOn! 

– Amichai and the Lab/Shul Team