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Soup Circle – Bring it On! Lab/Shul’s Healing Team Getting Started

Soup Circle – Bring it On! 
Amichai Lau-Lavie

What does it take to help someone feel better? Mentally, physically, spiritually? For those of us and those in our lives struggling with physical pain, mental challenges, infertility, aging, infirmity and just a really bad day — one useful tool is to think of ourselves of humans in 3D: to heal ourselves and others we get to focus on all three dimensions – physical, emotional, spiritual. These go hand in hand together, from a hug or a cup of soup to kind words and physical help – this is what we get to do for each other as members of a real community – and this is just one of the helpful tips we learned today. 


Lab/Shul’ers Meredith Hobart and Stephanie Levy joined me today, Nov. 9 at When the healer needs healing – annual conference on visiting the sick  hosted by UJA Federation of NY.  Both Meredith and Stephanie are mental health professionals with vast experience in working with people at different stages and ages. We were reminded today that taking care of each other is a sacred obligation. So we’re excited to start this project together and invite others to join us as visitors and helpers – not labeled ‘volunteers’.  
It was a profound and moving day, with inspiring keynote speakers and terrific hands-on workshops that got us thinking and feeling more about the invisible reality in our world – and community – and what each of us can do to reach out and make life better for others – with care, a visit, phone call, a smile. 
We attended with the intention of creating a Lab/Shul task force that will commit to the sacred task of Bikur Holim – visiting the ill, and extending care to all who need it among us.  Sooner or later – that’s every single one of us…
SOUP CIRCLE is our placeholder name.  We will reach out to the community for public events, screenings, trainings and helping us all help our friends and family at times of need with kindness, humor, depth and support. 
Mitzvah Clown training Purim? Ethical Wills workshop, A screening of an important film on this issue, and other ideas are brewing. 
interested in joining in whatever way works for you? Engage your kids/teens/family? contact me: [email protected]
Refua Shelema – 3D health and healing to each and every one of us.