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Soup Saves the Day

A 48 hour cold knocked me out last week. Home and miserable, a vat of chicken soup arrived from friends at Lab/Shul, totally saving my day and helping me shake the cold out (also: gallons of ginger/garlic/lemon/honey tea).

A few years ago we started the idea of a “soup circle” as a communal project for our well being when it gets rough, no matter the reason. Now, re-inspired by the superpowers of soup and related gestures of kindness, I’m excited to be in conversation with many of you TONIGHT on this and other ways to co-create an even better Lab/Shul community:

We’re expecting about 50 people at All Hands, All Hearts, our first open community circle in 5778.

Wednesday 10/25
Lab/Shul HQ

It’s not too late to come and join the conversation tonight. Help build the community you want, focused on love and justice for the good of others. And there’ll be plenty of food, of course.

Speaking of feasts…

There won’t be soup, but pull up a chair and join us for our first Sabbath Queen Community Feast (Latin vegan kosher delicious nutritious) in Brooklyn’s The Invisible Dog Arts Center, right after Sabbath Queen NEXT FRIDAY 11/3.

CLICK HERE for more on our special Bklyn Wknd hosting the Jewish Emergent Network, our six sister communities from around the country.

Keep healthy, and stay tuned for invitations for more open circles and opportunities to cook up community together.

– Rabbi Amichai

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