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Stories of Regeneration – Lab/Shul in the News

160127_2g“The stories from next generations are not just about the past, or even just about the memory and legacy of the Holocaust as an isolated event. The other big question, Lau-Lavie says, is about ‘the moral and ethical questions we take with us… How to translate this stark legacy into courage and real moral behavior.’”

On Wednesday, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Amichai stood with other children of Holocaust Survivors at the Museum of Jewish Heritage to honor their parents, share their stories, and remember their legacies. MC’ing for the second year in a row, Amichai is quoted in this beautiful article from Newsweek magazine. Please take a moment to read it, pausing to note the privilege of living freely and the responsibility to keep on working for the freedom and dignity of all.

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