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Supersize It! (Last call…)

Another package arrived in the mail this morning, this one from DC, and in it we found a gorgeous large blue and red prayer shawl with silver accents threaded throughout…and another one, maybe one of the smallest I’ve ever seen, with four fringes on each side – a tallis for a little child, used with love.

These will both become part of what we hope will soon be the largest prayer shawl in the world. 

Want to be part of this unique creation? Please join me tomorrow afternoon, May 5th, Yom Ha’Shoah, at the Museum of Jewish Heritage to co-create a super size patchwork prayer shawl and stitch memories into life, art, and ritual. 

Lab/Shul’s first ever SEW-IN at the museum is a one-time-only event, and I’m so excited that we’ve already received over 20 used prayer shawls from all over the country.

Why on this day? This project is being presented in conjunction with the Museum of Jewish Heritage’s current exhibit: Stitching History From the Holocaust, on view through August 14, 2016

We will celebrate this new ritual object at our last Shabbat AM celebration of the season on May 21st. The super size prayer shawl will then be on display at the museum throughout the summer. 

I am so moved that my rabbinic ordination will be marked with the inauguration of this ritual object of art, and that the memory of so many sacred lives will be remembered as we stitch and sew so many stories together, with joy and for life. 

Want to be a part of this totally unique project? IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Bring your prayer shawl or beloved fabric to the Sew-In tomorrow, add a stitch, and be part of history.  Even if you have zero sewing know-how, come lend a hand – no experience necessary!

Thank you to all who’ve donated so far. May memories be transformed into blessings, always. 

– Amichai