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The National Day of Unplugging

The National Day of Unplugging, created by our friends at Reboot, is back again to remind us all to disconnect from for digital, reconnect to friends, family, food, fresh air and fun, recharge our souls.

For 24 hours. Take the challenge.

Unplug Poster 2013_091912

(fill in your blank or get ideas then download your own unplug poster HERE.)

Check out the new app created by Reboot and IDEO (Amichai was part of the team) who recently launched the FRIDAY App for iPhone. Each Friday, 30 minutes before sunset, the FRIDAY App reminds you that it’s time to slow down and reflect. Read short stories and questions to light a few sparks and stoke some conversations for Shabbat. Find it on iTunes!

Sabbath bliss, unplugged.