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They Raised the Bar!

Nine exceptional teens  and their families JUST completed Storahtelling Lab/Shul’s Raising the Bar Cohort – a two year B Mitzvah journey.

Mazal Tov to Claire Greenberg, Rachel Lee-Brown, Ben Rothschild, Jack Stettner, Ben Portnoy, Asa Hermelin, Jack Freilich, Miranda Wein-Wagman, & Ari Brown. Here’s to next! 

Check out the stunning short slideshow, courtesy of Jennifer Lee – one of the proud moms (and our house photographer) RAISING THE BAR COHORT 2013: THE FINISH LINE!

What does it take to raise the bar? The journey included weekly one on one study sessions for each teen with a personal trainer who got them into ‘soul shape’, the teens met monthly as a group for learning, site-seeing, volunteer work and hands-on art projects, the parents met for ongoing study salons, and the families met for shared holiday and shabbat celebrations. Then of course, the big day itself. Each of the teens rose to the occasion and presented a sensational Storahtelling style Torah ritual for family and friends – anywhere from Cape Cod to an Israeli Kibbutz.

Together -these teens raised the bar on what it means to come of age as a young member of the Jewish community in the 21st Century.

Rachel Brown, Ari’s proud mother had this to say :
“Raising the Bar provided a wonderful framework upon which Ari could build a bat mitzvah service that both embraced tradition and reflected who she is and what is important to her.  Not only was the day so much more meaningful than I ever anticipated, but the process leading up to it was incredibly enriching for our entire family.”


Lab/Shul’s next Raising the Bar Cohort will begin in Fall 2014. For information, contact [email protected]