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Think Before You Pink

Our first Justice Club of the year for Raising the Bar’s Third Cohort got off to a great start!

Tweens joined Rachel and Amichai at the Lab/Shul office to kick off our three-part learning about what JUSTICE is really all about. Our answer? It’s about how to focus on the WE instead of the ME.

A big highlight of our learning was a debate about what it means to give carefully vs. carelessly. We spent some time learning about pinkwashing as it relates to breast cancer awareness in the States (not sure what we’re talking about? Check it out) and agreed that pinkwashing is indeed careless giving and that we can do better.

We ended the session with a really important question that we’d like to invite you all to spend time on at home. Check in with Dr. Google, talk about it at the dinner table, think about it on the subway – Where does the idea of BLIND JUSTICE come from? That’s where we’re picking up at our next Justice Club in November.