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THIS THURSDAY! A Refreshing Take on Purim at Project ORE

Our focus this Purim?
Take care of each other, upgrading the art of the goody-bag exchange (a.k.a mishloach manot) as a superpowered tool to forge friendships and build communal bonds.

Read Amichai’s note about this focus HEREWatch him speak about it HERE.

hands in circle Purim Pizza & Tea Party @ Project ORE

An everybody-friendly Purim pizza & tea party with The Eductional Alliance’s Project ORE, a community center for socially isolated, low-income, homeless, formerly homeless, and mentally ill Jews. Come with a goody bag or two to share with their members (kosher and vegetarian only), then get hands-on with creative art stations for all ages, enjoy an open mike variety show featuring Lab/Shul’s line up of artists (and you too! show off your talents and skills!), eat treats, make new friends, and make folks really happy.

When: Thursday March 5, 4:00-7:00pm
Where: Project ORE, 331 East 12th Street
Tickets: Free (please bring a goody bag gift for exchange) PLEASE RSVP

happy purim