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Martin-Ramat wedding

Hana, Devin & Lev – Mazal Tov!


Stuart Odes, of Blessed Memory

Lab/Shul Friends – 
This past week I had the honor of being present for and with friends of Lab/Shul at every possible life cycle moment. This is what it takes to really build a community, and a rabbinate. I am humbled and awed by the privilege of intimacy with old and new friends at their most real and vulnerable. 
Please join me in sharing condolences with our board member Craig Kanarick, his wife Rebecca Odes, and their family upon the loss of Stuart Odes, Rebecca’s father.

I had the privilege of spending time with Stuart this past year at hospitals and at home, getting to know him and his wife Joan, and being with them as his medical situation worsened. He passed away this past Monday and the family observed a private memorial and Shiva. 

May his memory be a blessing. 

On the other side – another of our board members, Andrew Kassoy, along with his wife Margot, their two sons and extended family welcomed the newest addition to their family this past Sunday at Henrietta Honey Bancroft Kassoy’s Simchat Bat. The Baby Naming celebration at their home downtown included the Moonlight Sonata, home baked challa (by Andrew), beautiful blessings, hymns and feet washing (for baby Etta). Mazal Tov Etta! We look forward to many more celebrations together. 
More? OK… Today I am thrilled to officiate the wedding of Hana Ramat and Devin Martin. Hana is the daughter of yet another of our board members – Ora Ramat, who, along with her husband Chuck and the rest of the family, is also celebrating a round birthday this weekend. Congratulations and many more happy years together! 

Andrew's Get
This week also featured meeting with a few more of our B Mitzvah families to plan their coming of age ceremonies this coming year; a commemoration ritual for International AIDS Day; and even my participation as a witness in a Get: a Jewish divorce ceremony. Did we mention #GivingTuesday? (Thanks to those of you who donated generously to Lab/Shul – it’s not too late for a 2014 tax-free gift.) 
I look forward to being part of your lives in many moving ways – and we hope to make this sharing of milestones, highlights, memorial and celebrations a regular feature of our community communications. To share upcoming events or reach us at times of need, please don’t hesitate to email us at anytime: [email protected]
Shabbat Shalom