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Toddlers tell Torah at Lab/Shul’s first StorahSteps program in Brooklyn

Update from Brooklyn, by Shawn Shafner:

This past Shabbat, December 7 2013, Naomi Less and I faced our greatest fear: a room full of under fours. And it was awesome! 

abby and naomi

For almost a year, Naomi and I have been a part of J-LINC, an initiative of the Jewish Education Project (with generous support by The Covenant Foundation) that has been helping us to create original programs for families with young children. For months now, we’ve been meeting with fellow Jewish educators, reading books and articles, attending conferences and plotting, planning and re-planning this first program for Kolot Chayeinu and Lab/Shul families. 

group shot

While the wee ones and their grown-ups made name tags, sang songs, and practiced storytelling, a great story lay waiting with an even greater secret. It was the Torah! Her secret? Her stories are all in black and white; she needs our help to make them colorful.
And boy did we help her out! We danced, swam and tip toe-ed the hakafah. Each family made a Torah and a yad of clay. But the best part? Inside each Torah, each child made their mark. torah

torah panels

With a new generation of storytellers about to outgrow their diapers, whatever have we to fear? The story will go on–singing, laughing, and crawling all the way.

Stay tuned for more StorahSteps with Lab/Shul at Kolot Chayenu – coming soon!