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UnderWhere? #InternationalWomensDay

12794501_10205869816446209_823222839996778431_nLab/Shul is humbled to honor all women, everywhere, all the time – but especially today. Last month at our Shabbat AM we partnered with Repair the World and Brooklyn Community Service‘s TLC to create packages of love and dignity for homeless, low-income, and mentally ill women. When I dropped off the packages, after lots of hugs and smiles, I asked them what they needed more than anything else. The answer was unanimous – underwear!

So, at THIS SATURDAY’S Shabbat AM at The New Jewish Home we are continuing this soul enriching partnership with a community-wide underwear drive. Please bring to worship an offering of new or gently used women’s underwear (size 4 and up is best) – we’ll be wrapping them up and writing empowering notes of love and encouragement.

Let us all remember today – and everyday – to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women, while still being aware that progress is still so desperately needed around the world. Lab/Shul is taking the #PledgeForParity – how about you?

Ezra Bookman
Program Associate


The Brooklyn Community Services (BCS) Transitional Living Community (TLC), a 40-bed section of the Brooklyn Women’s Shelter in East New York, Brooklyn, was established in 1989. TLC provides homeless, low-income, mentally ill women with temporary shelter and assistance to secure permanent housing. TLC recruits its clients from the general shelter population. Staff conduct comprehensive assessments to identify women with severe and persistent mental illness, who are usually diagnosed with psychosis, major depression or manic-depressive illness. Women are helped to practice the skills they will need to live successfully outside the shelter system.